Eyebrow Threading & Face Shape - How eyebrows change your face

Posted by Ansar Malik on

At Brow Pros, Some of our clients will come in for an eyebrow threading service and often our threaders are asked “what’s the best shape for my eyebrows for my face?” and today we’ve done the research for you! Shaping your brows is a major skill, think of it like art and geometry combined as the perfect arch is all about the angles and proportions to your unique face shape. 




When the shaping of brows comes into play, they should be balanced and as symmetrical as possible. As a general standard, we recommend using two shades to shape and fill your eyebrows to give them more dimension. Our threaders will start using a deeper shade and fill them in the arch and tale, then we use a lighter shade to fill in the front of your brow. Additionally, brow styling is ultimately formed by your face shape.  


Brow Pros Threading Face Shapes


For example, high-arched brows work best with a vertical point to create the illusion of a slimmer face. While oval-shaped faces that consist of higher cheek bones, go best with softly angled brows! Learn more from HudaBeautyto find the right eyebrow shape for your face and see which of your favorite celebrities have similar brows to you!